Digital Education Network

Digital Education Network uses a variety of educational technology to deliver course content, enhance classroom instruction and provide resources not available on the local level. Some technologies that the DEN incorporates include videoconferencing, streaming and downloading from the Internet, online professional development, and computers. The Network offers multiple classroom opportunities to all students, regardless of economic status or location. Teachers and students no longer need to feel isolated.

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What is DEN?

Connections with interactive video networks throughout Mississippi and with other states and countries are all managed from the statewide hub. MPB in conjunction with the Institutes of Higher Learning deliver courses such as mathematics, language arts, foreign language, chemistry, engineering, and ACT test preparation.

Facilitators have a critical role in the success of classes on the Digital Education Network. The facilitator's role as classroom manager is to make the teacher's job easier. Teachers and facilitators should be comfortable in using the equipment and troubleshooting basic equipment problems. Contact (601) 432-6910 for additional information.

By making an investment in the necessary video conferencing equipment, school districts can save thousands of dollars by enrolling in the no-cost, teacher sharing network.

Each participating class requires a facilitator. Facilitators have a critical role in the success of classes on the DEN network. The facilitator’s role as classroom manager at the remote or receiving sites is to maintain discipline, provide instructional assistance and make the video teacher’s lesson go as smoothly as possible. Teachers and facilitators will be trained and supported by MPB staff to operate the equipment and perform basic troubleshooting tasks.

DEN provides:

Highly qualified, certified teachers

A network of nearly 30 schools who can provide teachers

Classes not offered in rural school districts

Effective cost-saving opportunity for school systems by

eliminating the cost of a full-time teacher