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Teacher Training


MPB’s Early Childhood Team facilitate workshops for Pre-K and Kindergarten teacher using PBS Kids Learning Media,, videos and resources. The age appropriate materials and activities will assist teachers in the classroom in collaboration with their current curriculum. During each workshop there will be a brief demonstration on active viewing of PBS various programs with activities and books.

We provide teachers with resources and materials using PBS Kids programming in collaboration with other curriculum guide for Pre-k and Kindergarten students around the state.

2020 Teacher Workshops

The workshops include hands-on activities that are fun and engaging for participants. Teachers walk away with resources, strategies, tips and best practices that will serve valuable in the classroom.

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Let’s Get Ready to Read


Designed to support early literacy skills children need to become great readers. This workshop presents to preschool teachers a variety of tools and ideas to use to get children excited about reading. The presenter will read aloud favorite books, share ways to get children involved in the story while reading the book aloud, engaging in word play, writing, storytelling activities. There will also be hands on group activities along with resource information to assist with creating a reading space inside the classroom.

Back to School: Connecting Dots


This workshop incorporates suggestions, ideas, and tips on reading to and with preschoolers, introducing letters, numbers, shapes, colors, etc. in a fun and creative way during the school year. This workshop also includes group activities and discussions on classroom management, redirecting activities and building positive communication with parents. During the workshop, preschool teachers are encouraged to plan ahead for fun and engaging activities with students as well as incorporate PBS KIDS programming into weekly lesson plans.

Best Teacher Ever!

November 7, 2020

This workshop is based on the book titled The Best Teacher Ever by Mercer Mayer which is read aloud during this training. Activities include teachers make their own unique hats, small group presentations on a teacher’s role and responsibilities, relationship building, and a fun presentation of customer service between teacher, parent, and child. Teachers also participate in read aloud techniques, how to plan age appropriate fun hands-on activities and how to work as a team to ensure all students have a great preschool experience within the childcare centers.