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MPB Student Council Members

MPB Student Council is a diverse group of middle and high school students in grades 8th-11th from across the state of Mississippi. Members receive hands-on career training, civic engagement opportunities, increase social and media literacy skills, and lend their voices to Mississippi’s progress. Students actively serve as a liaison for MPB to their peers statewide. Their primary project is the production of a podcast that focuses on topics of interest to their unique generation. Council members are responsible for sharing new knowledge from involvement in various aspects of the agency’s departments, programs, and services.

MPB Student Council Podcast

Powered by MPB Education, the MPB Student Council Podcast is dedicated to providing an outlet of expression for Mississippi students to share their voice and ideas on diverse subject matter geared specifically toward their student generation. Featuring a variety of industry professionals, middle to high school students, teachers, and administrators, the MPB Student Council Podcast provides a platform for the discussion of various topics relevant to key issues amongst the state’s tween and teen population. MPB Student Council Podcast hosts are current members of Mississippi Public Broadcasting’s Student Council who actively serve as liaisons for MPB by disseminating information that is impactful to communities statewide.

MPB Student Council representatives can earn community service hours for participation in MPB events and projects. Their one-year term begins each September. However, a student can decide to stay with the council for multiple years. New students will be selected annually through an application process. Principals, teachers, counselors, and parents can send recommendations to or

2021-2022 MPB Student Council Members

MPB Student Council Member Partners with PBS NewsHour Student Reporting Labs

MPB Student Council Member 

Partners with  

PBS NewsHour Student Reporting Labs


    On May 27, 2022, Makenna Mead had a chance to travel to Iuka, Mississippi, to be an interviewer for PBS NewsHour  Student Reporting Labs' upcoming Moments of Truth episode. She interviewed Ms. Karen about how she eventually moved away from her beliefs in conspiracy theories.

The MPB Audience Engagement team was also present to assist the Student Reporting Labs' film crew. 

Jumpstart's Read for the Record Day 2021

October 28, 2021, MPB Student Council members participated in Jumpstart's Read for the Record Day. Members read Amy Wu and the Patchwork Dragon to classrooms across the state or their siblings.  

Jumpstart’s 16th annual Read for the Record is a high-visibility annual fall campaign engaging over 2 million participants who aim to:

  • Increase awareness about the critical importance and impact of early literacy
  • Make high-quality children’s books accessible for all children
  • Provide support for Jumpstart for Young Children’s work with early learners in underserved communities across the country.


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