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MPB Education teamed up with teachers across the state of Mississippi for this teacher-led fun learning project.

Teachers from different grade levels and subject matters created fun, short videos that teach one concept. Scroll down to watch the videos.


Mississippi Public Broadcasting

Staying Healthy Review by Cindy Shirley

Cindy Shirley is a teacher in the Lauderdale County School District in Mississippi and shares the importance of staying healthy, washing our hands and wearing a mask.

Mississippi Public Broadcasting

Erica Shelton teaches you how to sew a mask

Watch Erica Shelton, Community Engagement Specialist with Mississippi Public Broadcasting, as she teaches you how to make a mask.

Find the pattern used here.

For more information about cloth face coverings visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Mississippi Public Broadcasting

Learn How to Make a Mask on the Go!

Watch Tara Wren, Mississippi Public Broadcasting's Director of Education, show you how to make a mask on the go!

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Mississippi Public Broadcasting

Leah Thaggard Teaches a Lesson on Diversity

Watch Leah Thaggard teach a lesson on diversity. She is a teacher at Oak Grove Lower Elementary in the Lamar County School District.


Mississippi Public Broadcasting

Learn How to Plant a Garden!

Watch Dora Lee Wren, a retired educator from the Claiborne County School District in Port Gibson, MS, teach you how to plant a garden!

Mississippi Public Broadcasting

Sharon Person demonstrates a STEM Activity!

Sharon Person, Director of Community Engagement at MPB, demonstrates a STEM activity called Paper Marbling.

Mississippi Public Broadcasting

Loretta Newell teaches about the parts of a plant

Listen to Loretta Newell as she teaches about the parts of a plant and the different nutrients they produce.

Venn Diagram

Mississippi Public Broadcasting

Jaqueline Liggins explain the Venn Diagram

Watch Jaqueline Liggins teach the concept of a Venn diagram. A Venn diagram shows all possible logical relations between a finite collection of different sets. Jaqueline is a teacher at Walls Headstart in Walls, MS.


Mississippi Public Broadcasting

Learn how to make a Coconut Tree!

Amelda Ellis shares the story, Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, about a Coconut Tree with letters. Watch this video from our Teacher Features series and learn how to make your own Coconut Tree.